We are an independent stock portfolio and investment management firm currently licensed to operate in California and Texas. Our mission is to help our clients preserve and compound their hard earned wealth. We believe everyone deserves a safer financial future. Also, no stock portfolio is too small or too big for us. Above all, our goal is to achieve high absolute returns and risk-adjusted returns over long-term compared to S&P500.

Our Approach

Great companies have strong fundamentals. We find them through our unique quantitative and bottom-up approach. In addition, we focus on companies that are shunned by growth investors but are not attractive enough for value investors.

That said, almost any good portfolio manager can find great companies. So what sets us apart is not only our ability to find great companies but also finding the right time to buy or sell. For example, our unique portfolio construction and analysis technique helps us predict long-term market movements with a higher level of confidence. As a result we are able to find great companies and great opportunities to buy or sell.

What about market downturns? They happen, sometimes a lot. And they shake even the best companies out there, putting investor’s money into risk. For this reason, we also look at macro factors. We apply fundamental qualitative and quantitative methods in making decisions. Furthermore, we provide an extra layer of downside protection through our top-down approach.

Why Us

We are GIPS (Global Investment Performance Standards) Compliant

Unlike many independent portfolio managers, we are GIPS Compliant. Which means you can see our top-notch performance that has been thoroughly reviewed and verified using The Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS). These are an ethical set of standardized, industry-wide principles that provide investment firms with guidance on how to report investment performance to prospective clients. In short, we have a track record that we are proud of.

We are picky

Hiring an independent investment manager is not for everyone. Likewise, managing someone’s stock portfolio is also not for everyone. There needs to be a perfect match of key attributes between the client and the manager. Therefore, we go through a detailed vetting process to really find out if we’d be able to work together. We also encourage you to do the same and inquire us about everything possible before handing over your precious investment account to us.

We have over a decade of experience doing this

Mr. Devkota holds a MBA degree in Finance from University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He has managed stock portfolio of many large and small clients for over a decade. You can be rest assured you are working with someone who has been round the block a few times.