Equity Growth Model

This model focuses on finding 15 to 20 exceptional businesses. Irrespective of their size, small, medium, or large, these businesses have some common traits such as earnings momentum and revenue growth. They are characterized by attractive economics, strong competitive positioning, capable management teams and exposure to favorable long-term secular trends. Though not a core focus of the portfolio, we may also utilize inverse-ETFs when appropriate as a hedging strategy only to protect the investment during certain down markets.

Large Cap Blended Model

The model has two distinct portfolios - Core and Satellite. The Core Portfolio consists of 15 to 20 large cap stocks that make up for 30% to 50% of the portfolio. The Satellite Portfolio has few ETFs that make up the rest. While the Core Portfolio usually stays the same, we may exit out of any or all of our Satellite Portfolio ETFs based on our analysis.

Tactical ETF Model

This model is designed for an investor with a time horizon of two years or longer. The ETFs included in the model are SPY, QQQ, IWM, VUG, EEM, IEF, TLT and BND. We may use one or all of these ETFs based on their relative strength and our analysis of where we are in the market cycle. We may be 100% in equity ETFs or 100% in fixed-income ETFs or 100% in cash based on our analysis of the market environment.